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~All remarque work is hand-applied by the artist, using acrylic and watercolor paints.
~A new top mat is then added, with the hand-cut openings exposing only the painted areas.
~Color preferences, as well as framing styles are optional, as each piece
is created on a per order basis.

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"The Gossip Columnist" two parrots in tropical setting, watercolor remarque painting
"The Gossip Columnist"
Remarqued Giclee print     2350
38x50 framed

"Apres Midi" tropical forest watercolor, painting of boat harbors, palm trees, waterfront
"Apres Midi" Lithograph print
44x55 framed

"Compass Point"  Giclee print

Call for shipping and   ordering information~

"Key Nor'Easter" tropical forest watercolor, of sandy beaches, of the sea
"Key Nor'Easter"
Remarqued Giclee print             2450
34x60 framed

"San Remo" tropical watercolor beachfront painting, of palm trees, the sea, of sandy beaches
"San Remo" Lithograph print
44x55 framed


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