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Most originals are available in a limited Giclee print.
Call for more information on availability and current inventory.

800-367-7549 or 407-251-1196
Please use the arrow buttons to scroll through the tropical images.  This is the page for those of you who collect the original works of artist.  Jim's work has increased in value and will continue to do so.


"Home Office"


"Scarlet Fever" Original watercolor w/ remarque 9500 framed 52x64 Sold

"Blue Waves" original watercolor. Framed 24x26


"Royal Vagrant" original watercolor. 20x20

725 Sold

"Higher Ups" original watercolor w/full remarque.

2350 framed 29x33 Sold

"Wet and Wild" Original watercolor. 30x50 1250(US)

"Calusa Retreat" original watercolor W/remarque 51x63 10500Sold

"Upholders of the Court" original watercolor. Framed 44x52 6500Sold

"Autumn Light" original watercolor. Winner Best of Show 3 times! Framed 51x64. 10,500 Sold

"Blustering Balusters" Original watercolor 2350Sold

"Shadow Drips" Original watercolor. 2350Sold

"Dances with Dunes" 7250Sold

49"x 60"

"Hotel de Leon" original watercolor SOLD

"Highrise on the Glades I" 4350Sold

"Highrise on the Glades II" 4350Sold

"Highrise on the Glades III" 4350Sold

"Bay View" 6500Sold

" Cats Deserve a Break " 1050Sold

" It all started with one Candle" 695Sold

"Koi Pond"


" North of Bahia Honda" 1450Sold

" North of South Beach" 950Sold

"Ocean Side at the Palms" 7850Sold

" Purple Haze on a Green Sea "  850Sold

"River Bones"

Original Watercolor & Accrylic on Clayboard


56"x 68" framed size

" Seagrape Jam" 950Sold

"Shadow Play" 

50 X 60

5500 (US)

"2 4 A1A " 1450Sold

"One up from the 801" 3250Sold

"Cypress Blue" 7850


"Intact Cerulean"


" Out of the Blue"

50 X 60

4500 (US)

" Red Coast "


"Casa Faliz"

Original Watercolor



"Las Olas & 8th"

50 X 60

8500 (US)

"Being Koi 1 "

14 X 22

 950 (US)

"Being Koi 2" 

14 X 22

950 (US)

"Bahammian Nor'Easter " 

48 X 60

5500 Sold


"Beach Guard"

20 X 60

4850 (US)


" Higher-Archy"

48 X 48 Acrylic on canvas




" Big Rock "

11 X 30

850 unframed



"Busted Candy"

11 X 30

950 (US)


"Sebastian Rocks"



"The Baths" (Virgin Gorda)


5000 Sold

"Color Wave"

24 X 48

1250 (US)

"Dublin Doors"

50 X 60

6500 (US)

"New Year's Son"

24 X 40 

 1450 (US)

"Northbound on the Nickel Plate"

20 X30

 1250 (US)


"Red Bamboo"

24 X 36



" Sea Grape Dance"

48 X 72 

6850 (US)











From Florida to the Caribbean and even Mediterranean coastlines, the masterful brushstrokes and vivid colors tell us something about Jim and can even give us a little hint about ourselves.   We do long for tropical hide-a-ways!  Scene by scene, Jim holds these images of palm trees and waterfront homes. . . boats docked in peaceful waters and sandy beaches that you know will do wonders for your spirit if you had your shoes in hand and perhaps a loved one by your side, the waves washing over your feet, in a timeless pose...