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For every show that is held in and around the state of Florida there is an artist, that is chosen by a panel of judges, to represent their work on the show poster. Here is a selection of these posters that Jim Gerard has been chosen for.  
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The third edition of Jim Holehouses' take on the Las Olas Art Festival.

It is easy to understand that an art festival in Florida would have art in the tropical theme commissioned

It is almost unnecessary to point it out! However, if you have visited any one of these fairs, you would find diversity in mediums and your personal taste and style will be complimented. That being said, Jim Holehouse has held the honor of being the poster artist many times over. The posters here for sale are not the full extent of Holehouses'  work done for festivals and as you can see, he has been a repeat guest to several of the fairs.

It can never be left unsaid, and to be sure, there is a part of all of us that longs to be there among palm trees, watching the waves roll up onto a pristine sandy beach. . . or to be part of that world where we look out over a lake, our spot hidden as we take in the amazing wonders that a tropical forest can deliver.

Holehouse can take subjects like Spanish roof tiles and palms, blue skies and hidden coastlines and paint them in his own colors, keeping the essence of what you would expect in a tropical scene and then setting it ablaze in vibrant colors that actually explain how it feels to be there, among the palm trees and the waves gently pushing your sailboat to shore. . .

Thank you for visiting this site and having a look around, I am sure that you now know why so many homes and business buildings are graced with Holehouse's work, and why Jim is so well established as an artist.

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